Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting Inspired!

JJ and I only had three short evenings to work on our house this week.  Despite the small amount of time…we have accomplished much.  

This week, we worked on the Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom and Kitchen.

If you read my blog last week, you will recall what the kitchen looked like:

After ripping down the ceiling, removing the trim, and tearing out the cabinets....

...this is what we are left with (at the moment):

We were able to sell all our kitchen appliances through the Facebook Group: "Dubuque Garage Sale Sight".  

Here is the link if you want to check it out: DBQ Area Garage Sale Sight 

As you look at these pictures you may be thinking "wow, this is a little rough...what a mess for a kitchen".  

Honestly, I think that myself from time-to-time.  BUT, then I remember I am engaged to a master carpenter. :)  

You see, we have many plans for this kitchen space. I found my dream kitchen on HGTV's Remodel Sight.  Click here to see Our Dream Kitchen .  One day, we hope our kitchen will be a version of this beautiful food preparation area. 

Half Bath and Laundry Room:
When we purchased the house, this was the laundry room facility:

This week, we began to tear it apart.

We are planning on making a half bath and laundry room out of this area.  The laundry room will be a small area with not much room for anything but a stacked washer and dryer. 

We will then put a small wall up to create a half bath.  The half bath will be a small space with a pedestal sink and a toilet.  I don't have a picture as inspiration (the vision of the layout is simply in our heads), however; I can show you the inspiration for the color scheme:

Thats right.  

My vehicle is the inspiration.  

We are planning on having our half bath the following colors: Brown/Tan, Black and Dark Grey.

Side Note: Dryer for Sale! We sold the washer this week, however; there haven't been any takers on the dryer yet!   $150 for a Whirlpool Gas Dryer.  Great condition.  Probably 2 years (maybe up to 5 years old).  Let us know if you are interested!

Living Room/Dining Room
This week we tore down the trim and ceiling.

We are still formulating the entire vision for this space.  However the greatest treasure we found while ripping these two rooms apart was....

Wood Floors!!!

We will bring in a sander and cleans these boards off!  I am so excited to know that we will have nice, beautiful wood floors throughout the dinning room and living room!

Master Bedroom:
Here is the 'before" picture of our master:

This week we tore down the ceiling, trim and closets, however; I don't have a current picture to post.  The good news is this:

Hardwood Floors are under the carpet in here too!!! 

If we decide to use the hardwood floor in the bedroom, this is our inspiration: 

This picture was found at:

So, this is the update on our Renovation Project.  

Now onto planning a wedding.


  1. Good for you. Brian spent the day today working on our master bath. Always something!

  2. wow janelle!! so exciting! :) keep it up, and I KNOW its going to look amazing when you are all done! man, film it - it's almost like watching HGTV!